Updated: May 3

NaLaMode for Israeli Women

When I first met Robin Nahum, the owner of NaLaMode, I, honestly, didn't know much about the fashion industry in Israel .

Israel is still a very young country, but it is already known for so many things, such as the best healthcare, hospitals and doctors, safety and strong army, and an excellent education. The world knows Israel for its top-quality olive oil, wine, cosmetic products from the Dead Sea and, let's not forget, the diamonds.

However, what about the fashion?

In recent years, Tel Aviv was called "the next hot destination for fashion" after Paris, London, Milan, and NYC.

Many Israeli designers show their collections at leading fashion shows.

Israel - you are impressive!

However, when we mention 'fashion in Israel,' we, mostly, talk about stylish dresses and fashionable shoes. But, still, it is tough to find the local evening bags brands in Israel.

Israeli women order expensive bags from Europe or the United States, pay high international prices and the delivery costs; plus the waiting time is very long.

This was the main reason, Robin Nahum, the owner of NaLaMode, decided to open her new company to offer Israeli women the quality, the beauty, and the convenience they deserve.

NaLaMode is classy, flirty, and playful. It all depends on your mood of today.

You can, certainly, trust NaLaMode. Robin has over 15 years of experience, working in the fashion industry in Miami, USA. And now, she brings all her knowledge to Israel and Israeli women.

Let's face it - we all want to look fabulous !

The first impression matters: either you need to choose the right bag for your job interview, the first date, or for a birthday party. The right dress and shoes are much easier to choose than finding the perfect bag to compliment your style. How to find the right outfit and the right evening bag? What's popular today matters, but not as essential as your individuality.

NaLaMode is your personal stylist in a way. It gives you such a variety of directions to go, that you will, undoubtedly, have an endless number of options for self-expression.

And fashion is your signature in life. It is a creative field. It allows you to take risks in your choice of bags; that's how the legendary designers were born.

Find your new face today with NaLaMode. This is a top-quality brand with the best customer service, affordable prices, and they deliver right to your doorsteps.

If for some reason, you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back. That's how confident NaLaMode is, that you get the best of the best by choosing NaLaMode!

How well the right evening bag compliments, your outfit needs no explanation. It also shows your charm and charisma.

Go with bright colors to show your happy mood, go with a classy design if you plan a formal. NaLaMode can assist you with any choice, any color, any style, and any particular taste.

NaLaMode has two main categories:  

  • Chic and Classy - elegant evening bags of different colors and shapes for formal events, such as bar/bat mitzvah, weddings...

  • Hip and Sassy - trendy and fun evening bags and clutches for less formal events, like concerts, date nights...

NaLaMode represents the quality and high standards of a genuine Israeli brand.   "The customer is always our priority, and the customer is always right" - this is the model of NaLaMode. By ordering the NaLaMode bag, you support the small business of your country. NaLaMode was created for Israeli women, and it is for Israeli people. The story behind this brand is as beautiful as its evening bags. This company was built on the foundation of love and passion for Israeli culture, religion, and traditions. Robin Nahum believes that Israeli women from all backgrounds and lifestyles deserve the best evening bags.

So, what is NaLaMode? This is Robin's hand-picked selection of evening bags and clutches. Robin believes that handbags don't just carry our belongings. For Robin - this is an individual artistic expression. She puts so much passion and love into each order, and she wants to make sure her dear customers are delighted and satisfied with their purchase.

Every evening bag, clutch, and accessory that has NaLaMode name is individually curated by Robin. She meets personally every vendor she works with and attaches the NaLaMode brand name to items from the highest quality material.

NaLaMode is your local online store of beautiful one-of-a-kind evening bags that provides the convenience of shopping online and super fast delivery, without the high fees that come from ordering from other countries.

When Choosing NaLaMode your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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