Israeli Fashion Must Go On!

Updated: May 17

2020 Spring and Summer colors in clothes and evening bags get us pumping again.

Yes, we’ve been home for a loooooong time. And while we’ve been staying in, we have somehow traded our coats, sweaters, and boots for light dresses, shorts, and sandals. Whether you are still at home full-time or out and about around town, now is a wonderful opportunity to revisit your wardrobe. Spring is the time for rebirth and our trusty fashion gurus have given us spring and summer colors that invigorate our senses and give us something to be happy about.

Spring/Summer colors bring us life!

Here are some of the Pantone's hottest fashion trend colors for spring and summer of 2020. This bold selection of colors has made its way from the fashion runways to our favorite local shops and boutiques because Israeli fashion is totally on-trend.

This year, primary colors come first!

Bright primary colors will be à la mode this spring and summer, but it's an entirely new and exciting take on what primary colors mean. This year our trusty red, blue and yellow are expressed as Flaming Scarlet, Classic Blue, and Saffron. And it totally lights up our spring with a bit of excitement. And yes, we really deserve it.

Flaming Scarlet is a stunning shade of red (veering towards orange) that truly pops. Powerful, energetic, and present, it says: I am here. It’s confident, sexy, and alive. Designers have offered brilliant dresses, suits, and evening bags that make getting dressed in the morning truly exciting.

Classic Blue is bold. It’s optimistic. And it's fun. You can wear it alone or as an accent to brighten up your day. It takes the old throwback of blue and transforms it into the joyful accent we need this season.

And then there’s Saffron, an elegant shade of yellow that transports us to exotic lands. This exquisite color is at once bursting with energy and graceful. The runway has featured this hue in glorious pieces of wearable art. We can find many translations of these in Israeli fashion stores throughout the country.

What else can we expect in Israeli fashion this spring/summer?

Other notable colors expected in the spring 2020 fashion season include Biscay Green, Orange Peel, and Faded Denim. Biscay Green is a richer variant of light green, that is reminiscent of a cool turquoise. Orange Peel is a cool and confident orange that feels both relaxed and demure; Faded Denim is a season favorite - evoking comfort that has been translated into many inspiring evening bags and clothes in this year’s fashion efforts.

If you are looking for something a bit more subdued, you will want to check out the fashion choices in shades like Bright White, Chive, and Mosaic Blue. These beautiful colors bring an understated elegance to every type of outfit, from casual shorts and tank tops to formal business suits and smart dresses. Rounding out the unique looks for the summer of 2020 is Beetroot Purple, an electric bright shade that is a close relative of pink. It’s elegant, stylish and made for fun.

Mixing and matching these colors is what will reflect your unique style. Pair bright accent pieces like an evening bag - with classic colors or use a stand-out color to define your complete look. Whatever you choose, the playfulness of new colors is sure to bring you joy. With NàLaMode's wide variety of styles and colors, we are sure you'll find the perfect bag to compliment your favorite look and style!

To see the Top 7 Biggest Fashion Color Trends from Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2020 list, click here. You can check out the entire list of this season’s fashion colors by clicking here.


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