9 Handbag Safety Tips for Staying healthy during Covid-19

Post Lockdown reality!

With the slow release from lockdown and the cities opening up once again, it’s time to examine what we should always have in our handbags and how to take care of them.

World Health Organization suggests Covid-19 may remain on surfaces for up to several days. Our hands carry viruses and bacteria and transfer them to other surfaces such as our handbags.

We have a few suggestions on how you can keep your bag cleaner and you healthier!

Keep your bag contents to a minimum and you will have fewer germs - and less to clean!

Together with your phone, credit card, keys, and lipstick, there are a few more essentials that you will have to keep in your handbag.

1. A small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, we suggest you put it in a small snack size Ziploc to prevent spilling

2. An extra facemask and gloves - you can roll them small and keep them in Ziploc too.

3. Wash your hands before you prepare your bag! Yes, even sing happy birthday twice - it is someone's birthday, every day!

4. Wipe down the inside lining of your handbag with a wipe and let it dry before you reorganize your post lockdown bag!

5. Keep your keys clean! Wipe them when you get home or to the office with an antibacterial wipe - and avoid taking them out of your bag if you don’t need them.

6. If you keep earbuds in your bag - wipe them gently with a wipe and then keep them their box.

7. Credit cards are like your phone - especially if you like shopping! Clean it with a wipe before you put it in your bag and after using it

8. Wipe down your lipstick or lip balm before putting it in your bag. Before taking it out of your bag, wash your hands, or use a sanitizer.

9. Our phones! OMG full of germs! You should disinfect your phone using wipes as well as wash your hands, at least a few times, after using the phone

It’s fun to finally get out of your sweatpants and PJ’s, put on some real clothes, accessorize and choose a matching bag.

At NaLaMode, your health, and safety always comes first.


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